The Standard BigNose Feed Bag

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This handy feed bag is just the thing for feeding oats, COB, BOSS, hay or alfalfa pellets to your draft horse. On the trail, a feed bag is a good way to give your hardworking hoss that extra boost of calories he needs to get you and your wagon up the next big hill. At home, those couple of ounces of pelleted hoof supplement won't get spilled or "overlooked" when mixed in with a cup of sweet feed and fed in a nose bag. In the pasture, even the lowest horse in the pecking order can take his lunch "to go" when the alpha mare finishes her meal and comes looking for a little extra. At the fairgrounds, turn those tie stalls into a cafeteria with a nose bag for each of your show horses. Do you have a sloppy eater that makes the Cookie Monster look tidy? With a BigNose Bag, those oats stay off the ground and in your draft horse where they belong!

Unlike canvas feed bags, our mesh feed bags don't trap dust and condensation. Our PVC-coated polyester mesh doesn't mold or mildew when exposed to the considerable humidity of a horse's breath. The old bucket-style nose bags allow feed to be spilled when the horse tosses his head at a pesky fly and requires that the horse be able to rest the bottom of his feed bag against something to reach his feed. Our cavalry-style nose bags allow the bulk of the feed to rest in a pouch under the horse's jaw. The horse controls the rate at which the feed becomes available under his lips by raising or lowering his head just a few inches. Our feed bags can be made in any size to fit even the biggest draft horse nose or to slip over the longest draft mule ears.

Styled after the traditional canvas feed bag used by the United States cavalry in the Civil War, but improved with modern materials, our Standard BigNose Bag has a teardrop-shaped nose opening with heavily reinforced chin. One strap goes behind the ears and over the poll. The second strap goes around the neck. Standard features include:

Optional features include:

Our draft-sized feed bags are 11.5" wide by 25" long. The nose pouch is 9" deep. The nose opening can be sewn in any size. To determine what size nose opening your horse requires, refer to the Measuring Instructions. Smaller sizes of feed bag can be made for smaller equine.

Proudly made right here in America!