Break-Away Safety Option For Our Feed Bags

The materials and method of construction used in making our feed bags results in a very strong product. Our feed bags are exceptionally hard to tear or rip. Because of this, some people might want to consider the Break-Away Safety Option. This option provides a "weak link" that is designed to give under moderate strain, saving your feed bag from severe damage, preventing possible injury to your horse, and preventing loss of control of harnessed horses due to feed bag hangup.

You might want to use the Break-Away Safety Option if:

Our regular feed bags have the neck and poll straps sewn to a stainless steel "D" ring that is then anchored to the feed bag itself, as shown in the photo below.

With the Break-Away Safety Option, an additional "D" ring is added to the end of the neck and poll straps. Using a piece of leather string (included), these two "D" rings are then tied together, as shown in the next photo:

If the horse snags his feed bag on his team-mate's harness, the wagon tongue, a pasture fence, a gate latch or some other hazard, the piece of leather string tears, freeing the horse's head. One yard of leather string is included with your feed bag when you choose the Break-Away Safety Option, which is sufficient for six 6" replacements of the safety string. Additional leather strings may be purchased from us at $1 apiece. Please keep in mind that if you use a material such as plastic baling twine to tie these "D" rings together, you will lose the break-away function. The use of leather string is integral to the proper function of the break-away feature. Should you decide that you do not wish to use your safety feature, simply use the included stainless steel mending links, as shown in this photo: