Ordering Your Nose Bag

We regret that at this time we are not accepting new orders. We are having difficulties with our Internet and phone access. Once we have resolved these problems, we will begin accepting orders again. Thank you for your patience!
  1. Do you have a specific horse you would like to fit with a nose bag or would you like to order one nose bag to fit multiple horses?

    • To order one or more nose bags sized to match individual horses, jump over to the Measuring page and take the measurements as described there, then proceed to step 2 below.

    • If you wish to order a nose bag to fit more than one horse, jump to step 7 below.

  2. After you have measured your horse(s), decide which of the two styles of nose bag you would prefer - Easy-Fill or Standard.

  3. If your horse has a head circumference of greater than 72", order the extra-long poll strap. If your horse has a particularly thick neck, refer to the neck measuring instructions and see if the horse has a measurement greater than 66". If so, order the extra-long neck strap.

  4. IF you plan on using the nose bag(s) on horses that are loose in a corral, pasture, or other large area OR
    IF the horse(s) will be mingling with others while wearing the nose bag OR
    IF you plan on leaving the horse unattended while wearing the nose bag OR
    IF you plan on using the nose bag on a horse while he is hitched (such as with carriage horses on lunch break)OR
    IF you think your horse is at risk of getting his nose bag snagged on something
    THEN you might consider choosing the Safety Break-Away option for your nose bag(s).

  5. Side-release buckles come standard on our nose bags, but if you have a strong preference for one-piece straps (and are okay with the fact that you will probably have to let out the neck strap for putting the bag on and taking it off), you can opt to have your nose bag constructed using the slide adjusters instead.

  6. After you have measured your horse(s) and chosen the nose bag style and options that suit you, send this information to:
    along with your mailing address and a mention of your preferred payment method. We can accept checks, money orders, credit cards and PayPal. We will contact you with a total for your order and payment instructions.

  7. For those wishing to fit multiple horses to a single nose bag, please understand that if there is big difference in sizes, the feed bag will fit one animal well but another poorly. It is not recommended to order one nose bag to fit two different equine that have more than 4" of difference in the circumference of the nose or the length of the lower jaw, as you are bound to be dissatisfied with the fit on the smaller horse. The Standard nose bag is more forgiving of a moderate variance in nose size and is the style we recommend for use on multiple horses. Follow the measuring instructions and retain the largest set of measurements you encounter. Then recommence with step 3 above.

If you have any questions regarding the ordering process or would like some help determining which nose bag is right for you, please do not hesitate to email us.

We want to ensure that our customers are entirely satisfied with their purchase!

Thank you for your interest in our nose bags!